Today@ADA | DAY 5

Welcome to the last of the 2021 Today@ADA newsletters – a round-up of our picks from the day’s program at the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association. Each day of the congress I have brought you a daily interview with one of our key speakers, and a presentation of my three top picks from everything that went live – with my personal takes and commentary. You can revisit anything you missed and want to catch-up with in full in the on-demand sessions.

The last in our interview series is with Francesco Giorgino from Italy. I asked him a few questions about SURPASS-3 – a Phase 3 trial looking at tirzepatide in type 2 diabetes. 

The last day at the congress kept delivering incredible talks from experts in the field of diabetes. The first presentation I have summarized is a talk on heart failure from Nasrien Ibrahim – specifically around people who have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. This is followed by Marcus Goncalves’ fascinating look at insulin as a driver for cancer, and how different diets can be useful in different tumor types. I pulled out some key data around the impact of sugar on colorectal cancer. And then our very last pick is Deepak Bhatt sharing meta-analysis data from the pooled SOLOIST and SCORED trials, looking at cardiovascular and kidney outcomes across patients with the full range of ejection fractions. I have time to show you only a handul of the data points, but I would recommend you view this – and all the other presentations in our picks – in the on-demand portal.

We hope you have enjoyed the Today@ADA resources. There is an official Highlights program in development, which will provide a selection of high-quality summaries, key posters and downloads, and another presentation from me on my top picks from the oral sessions. Access is free, so do share the information with your colleagues who may not have been able to attend the main congress.

As you know, Today@ADA was a new feature for the congress this year. We hope you found it useful, and we would welcome your feedback and comments on what you liked, and what you would want to see next year.

All that remains for me to say is – thank you for joining us.


Dr. Dana Dabelea

ADA Highlights 2021 Editor
Denver, CO, USA

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