Today@ADA | DAY 4

We reach the penultimate day of the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, and the fourth in our Today@ADA series.

As always, I have picked three presentations to cover in the day’s highlights – and as always it has been really hard to whittle this down from the great wealth of quality data and talks on offer. But I start off with Ariel Feldstein, and look at fibrosis. From her talk I have picked out an overview of inflammasomes, and how they drive the inflammatory response in fibrosis, with some data from animal models, and predictions for novel anti-fibrotic therapies. That is followed by Sameer Murali and a condensed version of his presentation on the impact of obesity on COVID-19 mortality rates – very important data from the Kaiser Permanente population. And the last of my three picks is Hertzel Gerstein giving the first results for efpeglenatide on cardiovascular outcomes in the AMPLITUDE-O trial.

And finally – today’s interview is with Eric Renard from the University of Montpellier in France. We got together to talk about hypoglycemia, and how it fits into the new 2021 guidelines. 

We hope you are looking forward to the last day, and encourage you to use all the networking and discussion facilities available to you during what remains of the meeting.


Dr. Dana Dabelea

ADA Highlights 2021 Editor
Denver, CO, USA

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