Today@ADA | DAY 3

Day 3 at the ADA congress has been busy, with numerous sessions on diverse topics. As you know, Today@ADA aims to bring you a small selection of what the day had to offer. Today’s interview is with Nicholas Wareham, who received the Kelly West Award for Outstanding Achievement in Epidemiology Lecture for his talk on risk factors and type 2 diabetes.

In my Editor’s pick today we start off with the “ominous octet” – a concept we are all aware of. In this talk Ralph DeFronzo walked us through the impact that SGLT2i, GLP-1RA, and pioglitazone have on the each of the eight players, as well as considering what novel combinations might prove to have utility. That will be followed by a short overview of the exceptional lectures from Jens Juul Holst – recipient of the Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement. His talk took us on a journey from the evolution of the gut to the discovery of the incretins, and our growing understanding of their importance. You can hear my condensed take in today’s picks, but I would encourage you to view the whole session for some fascinating insights and history on the research in this area. Finally, we wrap up Day 3 with a presentation from Jean-Claude Tardif on the potential for new drugs in the management of hypertriglyceridemia.


Dr. Dana Dabelea

ADA Highlights 2021 Editor
Denver, CO, USA

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