Today@ADA | DAY 2

Welcome back to Today@ADA – a round-up of our picks from the second day at the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association. Today’s interview is with Muthiah Vaduganathan from Brigham and Women's Hospital, where we talk about two landmark trials in heart failure – DELIVER and EMPEROR-Preserved.

For today’s presentation picks, I have chosen a wonderful talk from Cynthia Muñoz on how the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted inequities in diabetes care. We will look at some of the data on youth diabetes, and showcase the results of TeenPower – a support program specifically designed for children and youth with type 1 diabetes. This is a really important topic, and I would urge you all to watch the full session as it really is a call-to-action for all of us working in diabetes care. That will be followed by a look at the clinical implications of semaglutide for obesity care, with some key data from the STEP trials, presented by Lee Kaplan from Massachusetts General Hospital. Semaglutide has shown good results for weight loss in clinical trials, and although the data for people with type 2 diabetes are not so good, they are still far in excess of what most people achieve with intensive lifestyle therapy. And last for today, a focus on glucagon in the prevention and treatment of hypoglycemia, presented today at the main meeting by Jennifer Sherr. Glucagon remains the standard of care for people at risk of hypoglycemia, and there are new products in development that offer good efficacy with novel administration routes.

I hope you are enjoying the congress and making the most of the wealth of resources available to you. Join us again tomorrow for another Today@ADA.


Dr. Dana Dabelea

ADA Highlights 2021 Editor
Denver, CO, USA

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