ADA Leadership Interviews

What are your objectives for your term as President of Health Care & Education at the ADA?
What will be the long-term professional impact of COVID-19 on clinical care for people with diabetes?
How did the pandemic brought an epidemic to light?
What are some of the more common mental health issues faced by children with diabetes” or children with insulin-treated diabetes?
How has the overall ADA strategy changed as a result of the pandemic? What does the future hold?
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we knew it, but it has also offered opportunities – what would you say has changed for the better in diabetes as a result of the pandemic?
ADA, together with the EASD, is working on a new consensus report on the management of type 1 diabetes in adults: What’s new?
You are only the fifth women to hold the position of ADA President, Science & Medicine - for many years, research and clinical trials involved only men, how important is it for young female diabetologists to be part of the future of research in diabetes?
As Chief Scientific & Medical Officer at the ADA, what are your goals for the association?
How important is the partnership with patient organizations, and how does it benefit physicians and people with diabetes?
Your research focuses on innovative models of diabetes care. In this regard, what is the ADA doing to improve the lives of people with diabetes?


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